Saturday, January 22, 2011

9 Months! And My Little Heaven on Earth

9 months

21 pounds

28 1/2 inches long

Healthy as an ox and cute as a button. I love this kid more than I can explain. I know everyone says that about their own children but it truly is amazing to be a parent. I feel so honored God has given me the gift of being Weston's mommy. I hope I make Him proud and He chooses to bless me with more just like him. Weston needs to have a little brother or sister anyways. As the eldest, I know he'll be a great sibling to look up to. I can see his kindness, leadership and nurturing qualities already. Each day he shares with me a little piece of his precious spirit and I just love taking it all in. Thats what I see heaven to be like. Each day grows more glorious in love and truth for all eternity. I look forward to that, but for now, Weston we'll do.