Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still Growing

Weston is 3 and a half months and is growing faster than a weed. He's in a tough stage for mommy right now though. At 0-3 months, he slept a lot so it was okay that he couldn't do anything. But now, at 3-6 months, he's wide awake, very alert and still can't grab a toy right in front of his nose. He gets so frustrated and therefore so do I. It won't last long so I'm trying to enjoy it. His neck is getting stronger every day, he giggles at random times, and he loves to kick his legs. I always seem to catch these cute moments he has with dad. How unfair is it that dad's go to work all day, miss all the fussing and come home to a happy, fed and full, sleepy baby? Well, thats how it is in my case. I guess daddy deserves it though. He works hard so I can stay home with our sweet son. I love this picture of Granddaddy Sensing and Weston. Its so beautiful to see the two farthest ends of the spectrum of life next to each other just happy with each other's company. These two know the only things that matter in life are the necessities: food, shelter, love from everyone around them and the one true God that blessed them with all of it. We could all learn from the young and the old.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weston's 3 Month Photos

My son is 3 months. I can't believe it. He is such a big boy. I don't know exactly how big at the moment cause he doesn't have his next appointment til 4 months, but I can tell he's grown a lot cause of how heavy the bucket is getting when I carry him around. He did so well at his 3 month photo shoot today. Just look for yourself. So precious. Phillip and I are proud parents. We love you Weston Joe!