Friday, September 24, 2010

Month 5 Has Been A Riot

It's getting close to Weston's half year birthday. I can't believe it. It's true what they say about it flying by. I'm so sad though cause my litte man seems to have grown way too quickly. He's already in 12 month clothing. We haven't started solids yet but I think he's ready cause every time we're eating, Weston stares at our food like 'why don't get any?' It's hard though. He's been so healthy, has a great complexion and only poops once every 3 days. I don't know if I want to change any of that. The only plus would be if it helped him sleep through the whole night. And boy would that be a plus. Weston can't quite sit up yet cause of his long torso. He loves watching daddy be a goofball and seeing the cars drive by when we sit on the front porch. And we all love sitting on the deck at dusk with the torches lit listening to the sounds of nature. He's really getting good at using his hands and putting things in his mouth. No teeth have popped up yet but the bottom two are very close. I'm loving every minute of being a mommy to this healthy boy and I just want to squeeze him all the time.